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Discover the best luxury hotels in United States

Big is most certainly beautiful, and awe-inspiring, the sheer variety of holiday options in the USA is endless. Each state will entice you with its own unique personality. Wondrously, suiting all experiences.
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The most beautiful hotels by state

California has countless reasons to visit having something for everyone in the Golden State. Fun, adventure, stunning beaches, beauty, and history await you. From Disneyland to exciting theme parks, and the best sporting events.

The Sunshine state blessed with thousands of miles of coastline and all the meaning of incredible beaches. Enjoy the soft sand, warm water, nightlife to shopping and history, arts, and culture to National Parks to the key lime pie.

One of the world's leading metropolises for art, fashion, food, broadway, and theatre. The Big Apple NYC has you covered with, a million reasons to visit and is so ever loved, from Skyscrapers to a plethora of endless experiences.

"Aloha Spirit and everyone’s tropical dream vacation of a Lifetime"! Made up of eight individually exotic unique main islands. Natural beauty beyond words resides, endless beaches, oceanic surroundings, to magical volcanoes.

Hello Mother nature, from the plains to the majestic scenic mountains, wildlife, and history, it's beautiful through and through. With everything, the great outdoors has to offer, to major thriving vibrant cities.

Texas is so big and diverse that it’s practically its own country. Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World, Dallas is a shopper's paradise. Houston is considered to be the most diverse city in the United States.

In addition to its revolutionary spirit and colonial history. Massachusetts offers diverse adventures, from art, music, patriotic landmarks to sporting events, whale watching, idyllic beaches, to laid-back islands, and luscious seafood.

The 49th state has rightly earned its nickname as the Last Frontier. Venture to Alaska to see the jaw-dropping scenery of unspoiled nature, clear lakes, majestic mountains, glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, and extensive wildlife.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia, the nation's Capitol, is one of the most vibrant cities that has it all. From the White House to history, fantastic food, art, cultural attractions, and a variety of monuments.

Seek Georgia and you will find the most surprising adventures, from mountains to shore to cities. Having so many stories to share - see centuries-old landmarks, stunning architecture, and the city’s famous squares.

When most people think of Nevada, Las Vegas takes center stage. Yet, the Silver State offers so much more, from incredible natural diversity to spectacular landscapes and rocky vistas, to being the largest gold-producing state.

Explore an All-American State, known as the Iconic City – From river towns and riveting nature the Mississippi River to Route 66 to popular Chicago, a world-class city regarded by many as the cultural heart of the USA.

Known as the great outdoor states. Utah is home to a variety of stunning national parks, ski resorts, and incredible natural wonders. The Mighty 5 refers to Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park.

Louisiana is known as the birthplace of jazz and features a multicultural, multilingual history. A must visit New Orleans, that is famed for its Mardi Gras festivities, French-creole architecture, voodoo culture, and jazz music.

South Carolina has 180 miles of fabulous coastline. Thriving in stunning nearby beaches, vibrant cities, rich history, and a welcoming atmosphere. Being a coastal location also means fresh seafood is in abundance.

Think Tennessee and the name Jack Daniels comes to mind, the best of country music and BBQs, and yet there is so much more…The state's many beautiful stretches of nature mountains, caves, waterfalls will inspire.

One of the most visited cities in the USA, offering a variety of interesting historic and cultural experiences. This vibrant city is also home to great food, art, cultural festivals, sports events, and the most iconic sights in the country.

An outdoor lover’s paradise with tons of activities for any adventuring style, and one of the best places to experience America's natural wonders. From backcountry skiing to the state parks, national forests, geysers, and wildlife.

Early American history still lives on in one of the original 13 colonies. If pursuing happiness is on the agenda then head for Pennsylvania. Having more than 2,500 lakes. 280,000 acres of parks, there are no limits to the adventures.

Despite being such a small state, due to the bays and islands. The Ocean State has 400 miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy and is popular for its many beaches. The historic city of Newport is rich with culture and wooded forests.

Every Season in Virginia is beautiful. From the stunning Appalachian mountains to the lakes, rivers, and sunny beaches. The landscapes change with the seasons to create a full year of beauty, giving way to charming towns.

The land of enchantment, where every true adventure has a story to tell. Rich with hot springs, desert vegetation, and Native American artwork and culture abound. Explore canyons and caves, or snow-covered slopes.

The outdoor wonderland, they do not call Montana "Big Sky Country" without reason. The state is one of America's last frontiers, bursting with breath-taking scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and endless pure blue skies.

The outdoors is calling. Discover the iconic state of Maine, from history to its rugged natural beauty. Plan a trip to the state's lighthouses, museums, and a lobster boat outing, or a cruise along one of the four scenic byways.

Vermont called the Green Mountain State revels in outdoor beauty, artisan food, and the preservation of unique towns and cities. Visitors love Vermont for its ski mountains like Manchester, Killington, Stowe, and Mount Snow.

The stunning state packed full of surprises, with beautiful mountains, rolling hills, and sandy beaches, as the beautiful Outer Banks. The state has a massive craft beer scene, museums, outdoor activities, and theme parks on offer.

Known as the “Land of 10,000 lakes”. True North is only in Minnesota being one of the most spectacular states for its immense forests, urban and rural landscapes, and untouched natural scenery and breath-taking beauty.

Maryland is home to the best crab cuisine in the world. A state to explore with diverse geography, major history from the Appalachian Mountains, and the Chesapeake Bay to marshland on the Eastern Shore to the Atlantic Ocean.

Offering the perfect blend of experiences, from the perfect mix of outstanding natural beauty to New England charm and scenery. Here is where nature and culture live side by side, to satisfy every food lover and history buff.

Ohio is a state with beautiful possibilities, from a small-town retreat or a full-on escape to nature. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton offer many of the best attractions, from arts, culture, music, to fabulous cuisine.

Is home to enchanting waterfalls and some of the most diverse landscapes and scenic views in the entire United States. With beautiful coastlines, and over 360 State Parks, and the most awe-inspiring wilderness to explore.

With more than 90 state parks, New Hampshire is a nature lover’s paradise. Waterfront sunsets to the scenic White Mountains, the Lakes Region to the ocean beaches, New Hampshire is a vacation destination beloved by all.

The Show-Me State, cruise down Route 66 with its scenic wonders or put on your dancing shoes for nights of jazz or rock. From family entertainment and outdoor fun. Missouri is like a buffet of the American experience.

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